This unit provides cutting edge diagnostic facilities and treatment in orthopedics offering an excellence in joint replacement surgeries, hip resurfacing and is equipped to treat all types of musculo-skeletal problems, ranging from minimally invasive Arthroscopic surgeries to complex trauma services. A leading team of full-time orthopedic surgeons, highly experienced in complex trauma cases and high velocity trauma care, is backed by the most advanced medical equipment required for emergency care. The center has ortho-specialists with expertise in infected non-union, infected joint replacement and neglected trauma fractures. Using the most advanced technology, the center employs the minimal access surgery approach for fractures, which earlier required extensive surgeries


  • Arthroscopy unit
  • Arthroplasty Unit
    • Total hip Replacement
    • Total knee replacement
    • Shoulder replacement
    • Revision Joint Replacement- for people whose earlier replacements have failed
  • Specialized hand surgery Unit (nerve & tendon repair and transplant)
  • Spine surgery Unit (all types of spinal fixation, decompression, discectomy etc)
  • Illizaroav Surgery for non-union
  • Minimally Invasive trauma surgeries under C-Arm
  • Correction of Deformed limbs (Congenital deformities like club feet, dislocated hips, Polio)
  • High velocity trauma services