Newborn Critical Care Services

We have fully equipped 10 bedded neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Equipments include latest servo- controlled radiant warmers, Servo-controlled incubators, High intensity phototherapy systems, Multichannel monitors, Pulse-oxymeters, infusion pumps. Some of the unique facilities are:

 Neonatal Ventilators

Only center is providing mechanical ventilation (artificial respiration) facility for newborn babies. Services of a qualified pediatrician and neonatologist are available round the clock to take care of the babies on ventilator. We have central oxygen and central compressed air supply (piped gas supply) and 24 hours in-house CT-Scan, X-ray and ABG (Arterial blood gas) facility available to help us to manage the babies on ventilators. We have two neonatal ventilators and one bubble CPAP machine for artificial respiratory support.

 Surfactant Therapy (Special medicine to save life of a newborn premature baby)

Premature babies are deficient in surfactant (A chemical product that helps to keep the lungs expanded) in their lungs and that is why some of them develop respiratory difficulty. Surfactant therapy helps to treat such babies. It is one of the greatest medical discoveries of the last century. It is a life saving therapy and increase the chances of survival tremendously. It has helped neonatologists all over the world to save premature babies with Respiratory Distress Syndrome.

 High Intensity Phototherapy (Special light therapy for newborn babies with jaundice)

One of the biggest advancement in the care of newborn babies with jaundice. It drastically decreases the need for the exchange transfusion (blood change) requirement for neonatal jaundice. Exchange transfusion carries a 5% risk of mortality in the sick newborns. We have latest CFL double surface phototherapy system, which helps us to provide high intensity phototherapy and decreases the rise of Jaundice and its complications as well as to avoid exchange transfusion.

 Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN – Feeding through venous line)

Facility for TPN is available to save the lives of very small babies and the babies with gastrointestinal malformation. This is a special nutritional supplement method for very small babies who cannot be given oral feeds.

Neonatal Surgery

We have a dedicated operation theatre, specially for newborn and pediatric surgery. Services of qualified and experienced pediatric surgeons are available round the clock. Excellent post-operative care is available for good outcome.

Pediatric Critical Care Services

We have 10 bedded pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) to treat the children with life threatening diseases. The facility includes:

  • Mechanical ventilation for children with respiratory failure.
  • Central venous pressure monitoring for treatment of shock.
  • Peritoneal dialysis for renal failure.
  • 24 hours vital signs monitoring.
  • Treatment of status epilepticus, status asthmaticus etc.

Life Saving Latest Equipments

We have latest multichannel monitors, infusion pumps and other instruments to help us in care at sick children.

Special lab services for children

We have lab services, which is specially designed for the newborn babies and children. These equipments use very small quantity of blood as compared to other labs, so that least amount of blood is required for the investigation.