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Mission is the starting point for every strategic plan of the organization and Vision is the End Point. Without a clearly defined Mission and Vision the Plans can go in any direction and the management does not have a clear road ahead of them. Mission and Vision are there to define the strategic direction of the organization. Mission statement should answer the question  Why do we exist ? Ultimately every organization is created by the owners to create wealth for themselves but this cannot be the organization goal. How this wealth would be created would be the mission statement. The mission statement should be the guiding principle for every employee of the organization. The mission statement answers the basic questions of why your company exists and describes the needs your company was created to fulfill. This is not about the products and services you provide, it is about why you provide them.

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To Preserve and Sustain Quality Human Life By Providing Best Healthcare Within Affordable Cost With Perfection.

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Our Mission Statement

To Preserve and Sustain Quality Human Life By Providing Best Healthcare Within Affordable Cost With Perfection.

Hindu scriptures mention that human life is a great gift which one receives after 8.4 Million births as other creatures and therefore every human life must be celebrated. The greatest celebration of human life is to have a disease free, healthy body which is capable of burning energy and doing work. Work which is creative and gives you happiness. We at Siddh Hospital have a strong commitment towards making and keeping Every Human Body in greatest of health. We would achieve this by focusing on the importance of good health, spreading knowledge about how to stay healthy and eradicating the diseases from human body at the earliest. This would define our three pronged strategy

  • Bringing Good Health to the Forefront of Life Goals
  • Giving Right Knowledge about Good Health amongst the cacophony of Marketing Communications
  • Identifying Disease in Human body at the earliest and eradicating it.

Our Vision Statement

To Be The Best Multi Specialty Centers In The State and Preferred Medical Institution with All Super Specialty Where Healing Comes From Heart.

Our Vision is to see a world where the doctors are taking Care of your Health and making sure that nobody gets affected by either Communicable or Non-communicable diseases. This vision would be achieved when every human being has great immunity and follows a lifestyle which will keep them in pristine health all their life and diseases are history. The path to achieve this vision is not easy and we are ready to walk the tough terrain to reach our destination. The doctors and the hospitals should be working towards educating the people and motivating them to stay fit and healthy. Our vision would be achieved when every disease is nabbed in the bud. We will work towards making the Healthcare Preventive in nature from Therapeutic so that the burden of disease on the population can be reduced. Today the poorer sections of the society end up spending almost 33% of their life earnings on the treatment for various diseases and this is rising. Our Vision is to take Healthcare to the masses and make it Care for Health. We would be earning less from each patient but the number of customers would be far higher making it a viable model of Service Delivery moreover. We do provide the best of services within the affordable cost as per the patient need to can happily back to this family. We also tags us with our statement of #thinkheart thinksiddh.

The desire to serve the community of Moradabad propelled me to setup the 200 bedded Multi Super Specialty Hospital in the year 2017. In our short journey we have been able to serve the community in fighting disease and illhealth related with very critical syndrome. I have been ably assisted by my better half Dr Pooja Mehrotra who has been a pillar of support on both the medical as well as the administrative front.

My team of doctors, nurses, paramedics, administravtive and support staff have all given their best to make Siddh Hospital as one of the most respected healthcare institutions in the city with all the specified certification as well as accreditation of NABH (on ISQua) standard, QCI , Kayakalp and many more remarkable enhancements. we are facilitating as the only hospital with maximum numbers of TPA’s, PSU’s and other beneficiary for different governments bodies in the society on the panel of most of the insurance companies, public sector undertakings and through Ayushman Bharat we are providing our services to the most underprivileged segments of the society. We have been constantly advancing the frontiers of medicine and surgery through research and innovation. It has been a very hectic but pleasurable journey and I would like to assure all our patients and our employees that Siddh Hospital will always uphold the highest moral and ethical standards of healthcare.

With Best Wishes

Dr. Anurag Mehrotra
Siddh Multi Specialty Hospital


Greetings to All. It has been a memorable journey at Siddh Hospital which has given us the opportunity to serve the society. I would like to thank all the staff of Siddh Hospital who has supported my endeavours in providing the highest quality of healthcare to our patients. I would also like to take the opportunity to assure our patients that we are continuously improving our standards of healthcare delivery through regular training sessions with the routine of serving to on SQAus standard the society.
We have just received with a remarkable approach of facilitating to the international patient at our premises with the remarkable & arrogate standers of heaths. Our focus on quality is unmatched in its determination and this is the reason that we hire the best talent in the industry to provide high quality training to our staff members. I would like to thank all our friends and family who have contributed their best so that Siddh Hospital can achieve the pole position in terms of the healthcare institutions in the state of Uttar Pradesh. I would like to assure all our patients that we would continue to improve and upgrade our technology and services to stay in the forefront of the fight against disease and illhealth for pruning the best industry services the society.

Dr. Pooja Mehrotra

Medical Director
Siddh Multi Specialty Hospital


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