Department Of Obs & Gynae

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Siddh Hospital is one of the centres of excellence offering comprehensive services in these fields. Pregnancy is one of the most important event in human life and this needs to get the best that healthcare can offer. We have created some of the finest Labour Delivery Suites to give you an unforgettable joyous experience during childbirth. The presence of the family during this event increases the bonding between the parents and the offsprings.

Our team of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists make sure that your pregnancy is devoid of any complications and the birth of the child is a moment of celebration for the entire family. Women health is the cornestone of our department where we take care of all the health problems of women.


We have deployed the best technology to provide you with state of art women healthcare. Our radiology department is equipped with the latest 4-D Ultrasound to provide deep insights into the reproductive organs and their diseases in case of women. Mammography and Breast Ultrasound are some of the other key diagnostic modalities which differentiates us from the crowd of healthcare providers. We are equipped to handle all the complex high risk precious pregnancies and the other women surgeries.

High Speed CT Scan, Colour Doppler, TMT, DEXA Scan, Echocardiography and Digital X-Ray are some of the other diagnostic modalities to assist us in providing the correct and timely diagnosis for giving the right treatment.

Obs & Gynae Specialists

Dr Neha Chandra is one of the leading Obs & Gynae Specialist in the country. She is Senior Consultant in the Gynae Department of Siddh Hospital. Dr Chandra has been associated with some of the finest maternity hospitals in New Delhi before moving to Moradabad.

Dr Neha specializes in both the fields of Obstetrics which includes normal and c-sec deliveries and the field of gynaecology where she performs all kinds of gynae surgeries including laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgeries. Dr Chandra also specializes in hysterscopic surgeries for patients who are having fertility issues and taking treatment for the same.

Treatment & Procedures

High Risk Pregnancy Management
Caeserian Section Delivery
Normal Delivery
Ovarian Cyst Surgery
Uterine Fibroid Removal Surgery
Breast Lump Surgery
Tubal Ligation
Tubal Recanalization
Ectopic Pregnancy
Dilatation and Evacuation
Dilatation and Curettage
Women Cancer Surgeries

Technology At Your Service

Siddh Hospital has got cutting edge advanced medical technology to take care of most complex of the diseases. Latest Flat Panel Cath Lab from Siemens, Germany is capable of doing the most difficult Coronary Procedures. The Radiology department has 64 Slice CT Scanner, 4D Ultrasound and Colour Doppler, Digital X-Ray, Mammography, DEXA Scan while the Cardiology Department has the facilities of Echocardiography, Treadmill Test, Holter and ECG. The Hospital has fully modular operation theatres and fully equipped ICU and CCU. Siddh Hospital has inhouse blood bank with component seperator and a dialysis centre.

Accessible To All

One of the biggest obstacles to Universal Healthcare Access is the high cost of tertiary care in India. A lot of people cannot afford this costly treatment which is either not available in the public sector or there is a long waiting. Siddh Hospital brings to you the latest cutting edge healthcare delivered by the finest of the doctors at a very affordable cost. Our packages are fixed unlike many other hospitals where cost overruns are to be paid by the patient. The packages at Siddh Hospital are fixed for the patient regardless of the length of stay due to any kind of complications arising during the treatment process.


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