Blood Bank

Blood Tranfusion is the Lifeline of the patients in cases where blood loss has occured either due to trauma or due to any surgery. Patients whose haemoglobin levels go below 8 also require Red Blood Cells Transfusion. Blood Bank is the place where blood is received through the donors. This blood is then thoroughly tested for any kind of infectious diseases. If the blood is found to be infected then it is discarded and not supplied to any patient. The blood which is found to be safe is then processed to seperate the components – Red Blood Cells (RBC), Platelets, Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP). One unit of blood can therefore be used on 3 patients. Not all blood banks have the facility of component seperation and therefore they supply whole blood which is a sheer wastage of precious blood. The blood bank at Siddh hospital is equipped with Component Seperator and therefore supplies blood components which are safe for transfusion.

Technology Deployed

The Blood Bank at Siddh Hospital is fully equipped to provide safe, tested, infection free blood. Every unit of blood which is recieved through donation goes through rigorous testing process in which the blood is tested for all viral markers like HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C. The blood bank has deep freezers to store the blood and all the pathological equipments to test the blood before it is issued for transfusion. The Blood Bank at Siddh Hospital not only provides blood for inhouse patients but also supports other hospitals of Moradabad wherever blood or blood products are required. Since this is a private blood bank and therefore cannot organize blood donation camps, therefore the blood is issued only against donation. The patient’s relatives have to arrange for donation for the number of units which are reequired by them. However the platelets and FFP can be issued without donation also.

Our Medical Team

Our medical team at the Blood Bank includes the Blood Bank Incharge who is a pathologist by qualification. The team also includes Blood Bank Technicians who are paramedics and trained in Transfusion Medicine. When a donor comes to the blood bank to donate blood, some basic tests are done on the donor to determine the fitness for donating blood. The Haemoglobin levels of the donor must be in excess of 11 for them to donate blood. The donor must not have consumed alcohol in the last 48 hours and must not have donated blood in the last 3 months. One unit of blood measuring approximately 400ml is taken from the donor. After donation the donor is served light refreshments including fruits or fruit juice. Once the blood is recieved in the blood donation bag then a sample is taken out of it for testing in the laboratory. Once the blood is found to be free of all viral infections it is put through the component separator which separates the RBC, Platelets and Plasma after which all the 3 components are stored in deep freezers till the time they are issued to a blood recipient.

Patient Centric Care

Our Patient Centric Approach to the Healthcare Delivery ensures that you receive a very warm welcome from our patient care executives who are ever ready to take care of your concerns and offer solutions to the problems. You would be given appointment at the earliest by the front office appointment desk and your consultation with the doctor would be provided in a comforatable private OPD room. If you require hospitalization then our team members will provide you with the treatment expenses and would take care of the insurance paperwork so that you can get the desired treatment with peace of mind. Our patient care executives will take care of all your requirements while your patient is admitted at the hospital.

Technology At Your Service

Siddh Hospital has got cutting edge advanced medical technology to take care of most complex of the diseases. Latest Flat Panel Cath Lab from Siemens, Germany is capable of doing the most difficult Coronary Procedures. The Radiology department has 64 Slice CT Scanner, 4D Ultrasound and Colour Doppler, Digital X-Ray, Mammography, DEXA Scan while the Cardiology Department has the facilities of Echocardiography, Treadmill Test, Holter and ECG. The Hospital has fully modular operation theatres and fully equipped ICU and CCU. Siddh Hospital has inhouse blood bank with component seperator and a dialysis centre.

Accessible To All

One of the biggest obstacles to Universal Healthcare Access is the high cost of tertiary care in India. A lot of people cannot afford this costly treatment which is either not available in the public sector or there is a long waiting. Siddh Hospital brings to you the latest cutting edge healthcare delivered by the finest of the doctors at a very affordable cost. Our packages are fixed unlike many other hospitals where cost overruns are to be paid by the patient. The packages at Siddh Hospital are fixed for the patient regardless of the length of stay due to any kind of complications arising during the treatment process.


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